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To Start

Swordfish carpaccio
Marinated salmon on fennel salad
Clean mazzancolle wrapped in guanciale (hight-quality bacon)
Cocktail of jumbo shrimp with pink souce (ketchup-mayonnaise)
Carne salada (beef) on rocket with little pieces of grana cheese
Pork ham (porchetta) with provola cheese melted
Sformatino of ricotta cheese with goose ham
Brown shrimp rolled with bacon
Dobbiacco cheese with bacon
Meat roll of bresaola with ricotta cheese, walnut and rocket
Salami with balsamic vinegar

First Courses

Trofie siciliana (pasta with dried tomates, basil, ricotta cheese, almonds)
Orechiette (pasta) with tomates and greek cheese
Potato Dumpling (gnocchi) with gorgonzola cheese and walnuts
Pappardelle Amatriciana (pasta with bacon tomato sauce)
Spaghetti alla Busara (pasta with hot red sauce and Norway lobster)
Tagliatelle pasta with lobster
Risotto ….
Tagliolini neri (black pasta with shrimps, small tomatoes and wild fennel)

Second Courses

Roastbeef with rocket
Cut cicken whith plum
Beef fillet in different sauces
Rib steak beef
Cut tuna grilled
Cicken with dijon mustard
Wellington pork fillet (bread cheese ham)
Medallions of pork with honey and pistachios
Grilled fish: fillet of sea bass, Norway lobster, Monkfish and brown shrimps
Baccalà (creamed codfish)
Cuttlefish with lemon and small tomatoes

Side Dishes

Mix salad
Potatoes frying pan
Grilled vegetables